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      Sichuan Rota Bioengineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. We takes biotechnology as the core, develops, produces, and sells high-tech biological products through genetic engineering methods, and promotes the prevention and control of animal diseases to improve the self-immunity and resistance of animals.  A leading biotechnology company in the field of disease ability. The company has independent intellectual property rights, independent genetic strain resources, biological fermentation technology, and a number of invention patents. It also cooperates with Northwestern University, Harvard University, Tsinghua University, Sichuan University, etc. Many universities and scientific research institutions have established long-term cooperation in production, learning, and research, and established the company's leading position in the field of biotechnology.
      In order to continuously upgrade the products, Rota’s R&D strength is constantly strengthened. The company has a R&D center, equipped with multiple R&D teams, and constantly explores the forefront of biotechnology. The purpose is to keep the company’s technology always international and advance.
      Rota is constantly looking for and improving new solutions for traditional feed industry and breeding industry technology, and advocates green technology, and the use of modern biotechnology to transform traditional animal husbandry production technology. The company is guided by the feed and breeding market, based on production, and is committed to the development of bio-fermented products through modern bio-tech industry platform based on fermented products, so as to serve animal nutrition and health, and ultimately benefit human health.