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Ecotide® is an animal-derived antimicrobial peptide expressed by genetically engineered bacteria, which can supplement the insufficient secretion of antimicrobial peptides in the growth process of animals, and is one of the best solutions to solve the imbalance between intestinal nutrition and immune function of animals. Which has multiple effects over health and performance in Swine, Poultry, Aquaculture, and Ruminant. 
Key Benefits
Broad-spectrum antibacterial, kill microorganisms directly and maintain the balance of intestinal microecology;
- Combine endotoxin, reduce diarrhea;
- Reduce inflammation, lessen chronic inflammation’s influence for animal growth;
- Recruit immune cells, regulate mucosal immune response;
[Main Ingredient] Bacillus Subtilis, etc.
[Net Weight]: 25Kg/Bag
[Shelf Life]:12 Months
- Biological fermentation products;
- Green, Safe;
-  High efficiency, no residue;


          1.Ecotide® can improve the reproduction efficiency and prolong sows’ life by improving mucosal immune barrier in respiratory tract, digestive tract, genital tract and breast;
          2.Ecotide® can make up the deficiency of endogenous secretion of Defensin of piglet, which can promote immunity growth, stable the intestinal microbiota balance and promote the rapid growth and development of neonatal piglets;
          3.Ecotide® can decrease occurrence of respiratory disease in growing finishing pigs, reduce the hidden costs of pig breeding;
Animal Stage Dosage
Sow Pregnancy --Weaning 500g/T
Piglet 42—70days 300g/T
Finished pig 60kg--Finish 200g/T

          Ecotide® enhanced mucosal barrier and constructed mucosal immune system to defense infection, improve gastrointestinal tract, respiratory and tractus genitalis health.
Animal Dosage
Layer-hen 300g/T
Broiler 200g/T
Breeder 300g/T

          Ecotide® Suitable for diarrhea control in calves, improvement of mastitis in dairy, and weight gain in beef cattle.
Animal Regular Care Treatment
Calves 5 g/ head/day 10 g/ head/day
Cattle 5 g/ head/day 10 g/ head/day
Dairy 10 g/ head/day 20 g/ head/day

          Ecotide® is optimal scheme to improve the resistance of animals to pathogenic bacteria,such as aeromonascaviae, aeromonas hydrophila,streptococcus iniae, aeromonas , treptococcus agalatiac ,vibrion and so on aquaculture common pathogenic bacteria. And then to improve the production performance, gain the weight and decrease the death rate.
Daily Care Fish 1kg/T
Shrimp 1kg/T
Special Aqua. 1kg/T
Treatment 2-10kg/T