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         Rota has established a long-term close industry-university-research cooperation relationship with Harvard Medical School Cell Biology and Immunology Laboratory, Life Sciences Institute of Sichuan University,Sichuan Agricultural University Animal Nutrition Institute, etc., and has established a highly educated, and quality team . The R&D team is responsible for two parts: technology R&D and application verification. Among them, there are 3 doctors, 5 masters, and 5 undergraduates. As the leader of Rota R&D, Gang Li has served in many national 863 projects and National Natural Science Foundation of China. Work on key projects in the Tenth Five-Year Plan, and participated in the writing of cell biology textbooks (Higher Education Press). Professor Haining Shi, an immunology expert from Harvard University, serves as Rota’s scientific consultant, leading the team to continuously explore the forefront of the biotechnology field, so that the company's technology has always maintained international and leading. 
Gang Li
PhD of Microbiology, Sichuan University
Senior Engineer of Microbiology
Huiqing Zhou
Laboratory Supervisor
Master of Microbiology, Sichuan Agricultural University
Senior Engineer of Microbiology
Jian Kang
Technical Support Manager
Master of Animal Genetics and Breeding, Sichuan Agricultural University
Engaged in application verification work, has rich experience in the field of application verification of animal products, has presided over the company's large-scale farm product verification work for many times, the rigorous style of taking data as facts has won the praise of customers.