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Tipek® ---Sepcial for Swine
发布时间:2019-12-26 16:36:12
         Early weaning of suckling pigs greatly improves the reproductive efficiency of sows and reduces the vertical transmission of pathogens from sows to suckling pigs.  But it is a huge trauma for suckling pigs who are ingesting a large amount of breast milk and their intestinal development is far from mature. Weaning stress and drastic changes in food structure have caused damage to the intestinal epithelial structure of piglets, so their growth potential cannot be fully utilized.
         The structural damage of the intestinal epithelial tissue will directly cause the digestion and absorption capacity of the piglet's intestine to decrease, and the decrease of feed utilization rate; the undigested and absorbed nutrients in the intestine increase, the concentration of fermentable substrates increase, and the abnormal fermentation of microorganisms increases; The structural barrier function and immune function of the intestinal mucosa decrease, and the colonization and invasion ability of pathogenic microorganisms is enhanced. Therefore, intestinal epithelial tissue damage is the root cause of piglet diarrhea, growth retardation and increased mortality.
         Tipek can repairs damaged intestinal epithelial tissues, promotes the improvement of intestinal structure and function, improves intestinal digestion and absorption, and enhances the intestinal mucosal barrier function, comprehensively improves intestinal health and promotes the growth of piglets. 
Key Benefits
         Repair damaged intestinal epithelial cells, promote the growth of small intestinal villi, improve the digestion and absorption rate of nutrients, and promote the development of the intestine.
  [Main Ingredient] EGF, Bacillus subtilis, etc.
  [Net Weight]: 25Kg/Bag
  [Shelf Life]:12 Months
  [Storage]: It should be kept in dry, well-ventilated, shady and cool place. Stability of the product is ensured for 12 months under 25°C
         - Biological fermentation products;
         - Green, Safe;
         - High efficiency, no residue;

Stage Dosage
Weaning (21 days old)—70 days 300g/T
70—100 days 200g/T
Sow 200g/T