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Tipek® ---Sepcial for Poultry
发布时间:2020-01-07 15:57:31
         Poultry's digestive tract is relatively short, and feed passes quickly through the intestine. Any decrease in digestion and absorption capacity will increase the nutrient concentration in the intestine, especially the cecum, which will cause flora imbalance and induce serious intestinal diseases.
         Coccidia, bacteria, viral infections and feed toxins often destroy the intestinal epithelial tissue. After intestinal infection with coccidia, the coccidia develop and multiply in the intestinal epithelial cells, the intestinal epithelial cells are destroyed, the cells collapse, and in severe cases, it may even cause the intestinal mucosal tissue to fall off.  After the intestinal epithelial tissue is destroyed, bacterial adhesion, reproduction, and digestion and absorption dysfunction at the injured site will increase intestinal fermentable substrates, which directly cause the deterioration of the intestinal environment, and ultimately cause serious necrotizing enteritis and non-specific enteritis. Intestinal diseases.
         Therefore, the integrity of the intestinal epithelial tissue structure and rapid repair after injury are the key to effectively preventing the occurrence and deterioration of intestinal diseases.
         Tipek promotes intestinal development and repair of intestinal epithelial tissue damage, promotes the improvement of intestinal structure and function, can significantly improve intestinal digestion and absorption and strengthen the intestinal mucosal barrier, thereby comprehensively improving intestinal health. , Reduce the risk of breeding. 
Key Benefits
  - Promote normal metabolism, growth, proliferation and differentiation of intestinal epithelial cells;
 - Repair of intestinal epithelial tissue damage caused by pathogen infection or other factors;
 - Promote the improvement of intestinal mucosal immune function, enhance intestinal mucosal immune barrier function, and reduce the risk of intestinal pathogenic microorganisms infection;
 - Promote the secretion of intestinal digestive enzymes and the expression of nutrient transport carriers, and improve the digestive and absorption capacity of intestinal nutrients.
 [Main Ingredient] EGF, Bacillus subtilis, etc.
 [Net Weight]: 25Kg/Bag
 [Shelf Life]:12 Months
 [Storage] It should be kept in dry, well-ventilated, shady and cool place. Stability of the product is ensured for 12 months under 25°C
 - Biological fermentation products;
 - Green, Safe;
 - High efficiency, no residue;
Animal Dosage
Broiler 100g/T
Layer 100g/T